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Thread: Stereo Wired (6 months running)

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    Stereo Wired (6 months running)



    For all your needs of music, entertainment, or just plain chat, Stereo Wired will give you a daily dosage. We'll hook you on our stereo easily: the downloads, lyrics, polls, and unlimited discussions will give you a "wired" sensation you can't resist. Join us and our group of elite identities as we embark to an adventure you'll never forget.

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    To be the best entertainment forum. Ever.

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    December 31, 2009



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    1. What do you get from visiting Stereo Wired?

    Tons of topics. You could easily reply to any topic in our board. Plus we have a nice, warm community. Even hot sometimes. :yea

    2. How active is the board?

    We get about 50-150 posts a day.

    3. Who would we like to join our board?

    Stereo Wired is a music forum, but also a technology and off-topic sections. We could pretty much like anyone to join our board. There's no limit to what you can post. Even spam

    4. Do you have a website?

    We're in the process of making one.

    5. Why did you make Stereo Wired?

    Like I said, Stereo Wired is a music forum, and I wanted anyone who listens to music to join up and post in our board. We've expanded on a scale since we started this forum.

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    Re: Stereo Wired (2000+ posts,100+ members)

    we're six months running

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    Re: Stereo Wired (6 months running)

    we'll reach 3000 tomorrow

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    Re: Stereo Wired (6 months running)

    we're 20 posts away from reaching...

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