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Thread: Stuck on an island

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    Stuck on an island

    If you were stuck on an island, which three people from this forum would you want with you? Why? A refreshingly unique and fun community. Everyone is welcome!

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    Re: Stuck on an island

    Sbfc - I'd need someone to tease

    Theezy - I'd need someone to punch, j/k, to joke with :P

    Leo Ghost - A good Leader type figure.

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    Re: Stuck on an island

    CarMadMike: For the same reason rofl.

    Leo Ghost: I know him quite well and speak to him on MSN a lot, and he's an interesting person.

    Justin: Seems a nice guy, very helpful and friendly.

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    Re: Stuck on an island

    Keitho : No reason in particluar , I just like the guy .

    Ruziko : Again , no reason inparticular . Maybe because he's in the Parcel team too !

    Leo Ghost : I need to scare out the wild animals in the island with Ghost dude .

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