Hello everyone and welcome to the new system that we implented and called: "The Subway" We hope this new system will prove to be far more effective then our previous system.

Why call it The Subway ?

Answer: Well instead of going to a category - forum - topic if possible - page of user

You can now go directly from the category to the topic, and thats why its called a subway from the index.

We also added a list in each category and a main list in the HQ so you have a good overview of the topics made.

Where can we go for help or questions ?

Answer: Normally everything should be clear with the guide, and prehaps also "Our Goal". But if you have problems or a special request don't hesitate to PM a support staff member or admin.

What can we expect of changes or updates to the Subway ?

Answer: This is just the first stage of The Subway, services will come with time, granting your forum even more exposure. And if you have any suggestions for the subway, go to: Suggestions&Feedback.

So thats it,

enjoy the new CF.

Regards from The Team.