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Thread: Tattoo Barbie provokes parents

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    Tattoo Barbie provokes parents

    She has wowed children, and some adults, around the world with her blonde locks, slender legs and sweet smile.

    But the latest makeover was not what they were expecting.

    Barbie has been given a set of tattoos to celebrate her 50th birthday.

    The doll's makers, Mattel, insist the move will bring Barbie and her brunette equivalent Nikki up to date, reported The Daily Mail.

    The Sun reported that the new dolls hope to convey the message that girls can make Barbie look like their heroines.

    The new Barbie dolls are part of Mattel's 'Totally Tattoos' range, and each will cost around £20 in toy stores and online sites.

    Source: Diva - Tattoo Barbie provokes parents

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    What pisses off parents only makes the kids want them more. As Mattel learned from the first one they released with I believe a butterfly tattoo would have ask my niece for sure what it was but I think that is what it was,

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    What pisses off parents only makes the kids want them more.
    Agreed !! It's 101% right !!

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