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Thread: The Techy Forum

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    The Techy Forum

    Website Name: The Tech Forum

    site link:

    Website Description: A Forum which is dedicated to technology

    Our Goal: To receive more member and post

    Your name on the Board: junaid

    -Subway Page-

    1. What software is your forum running

    Answer: MYBB

    2. What was the date your forum was created

    Answer: I really can not remember but am just saying 1st april 2010

    3.What software do you run, and do you ever plan on switching?

    Answer; No we are always going to use mybb because we think its the best

    4.Who host your forum and do you plan on switching webhost?

    Answer: Our host is X10hosting we may be move host in the future

    5. Do you believe the forum is doing well?

    Answer: Yes.. after we advertise the forum more

    -Board Started on: 1st April 2010

    -Category: PC Tech,Graphic and Other

    -Forum Link:

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    Re: The Techy Forum

    Thanks for filling in the questions.

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    Re: The Techy Forum

    Very nice forum you have junaid. I almost started a tech forum seeing i know alot about technical things.

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    Re: The Techy Forum

    We have not updated our forum NEW THEME, LOGO AND BUTTON!

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