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    Website Name: TheHazey

    site link:

    Website Description: The Hazey is a forum graphics and services site we have been open since April the 19th 2010. We have our own graphics database, where users can download the different graphic components for their forums, such as rank sets, avatar sets, userbars and more.

    We also offer three services for users to use, and can be paid for by using thehazey cash system:

    • Graphic Service: Users can request custom graphics for their forums by our design team

    • Mod Service: We offer a mod installation service for the phpBB software.

    • Hire A Member Service: You can hire one of our members to boost your activity, post and topic count.

    We sell PSD files for our most of our graphic sets via our paypal page. Also we have a blog, gallery and knowledge base section for users to read, view and gain knowledge. On our forums we have a large section to discuss forums, phpBB, websites and anything else to do with running a site, such as our mod snippets. Our users also have a chance to relax in our general discussion forums, which caters for all tastes. Registration is free so sign up to day to use our graphics and services.

    Your name on the Board: richazey

    -Subway Page-

    Forum Interview

    1. Why did you start The Hazey?

    Answer: April 2010

    2. What types of forums can we expect to discuss in?

    Answer: Everything from graphics to forum management to general discussions

    3. Why would someone choose your forum to go to rather than another?

    Answer: We are unique in everyway, a unique theme, a unique graphics concept and unique services, we members not found on other forums

    4. What software do you run, and do you ever plan on switching?

    Answer: phpBB and never

    5. Do you plan on adding new features?

    Answer: Yes always adding new features for users

    6. Do you believe the forum is doing well?

    Answer: Yes

    Additional Info:


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    Re: Site Stats

    Nice site up there

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    Re: TheHazey

    Well we opened our doors on 19/4/10 and so far done the following:

    Posts: 337

    Topics 121

    Users: 14

    Most user online: 40

    Most visitors in space of 48 hours: 480

    Released graphics: 2

    tutorials/articles: 2

    Images: 2

    Blogs: 1

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    Re: TheHazey

    Fill in questions please.

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    Re: TheHazey

    Filled in questions.

    Latest News:

    As this site is always growing and the services are starting to be requested on a dally basis, I and the rest of the staff have decided to expand our staff team. We are looking for 2 members to join us, the vacancies are for 1 Designer and 1 Hirer, if either of these positions interest you then look at the role requirements below and then fill out our application form, if you have any questions please contact me via PM. I will respond to every applicant if they have been successful or not, thanks for reading.

    To apply for either role click here: application.php

    Designer Role & Requirements

    • Must be 16 or over

    • Most have good knowledge of either Photoshop, GIMP or

    • Be able to complete user design requests daily

    • Design new graphic sets for our database such as rank sets.

    • Help run and organise contests & battles and also write articles and tutorials for the KB.

    • This is an unpaid position but any PSD's sold of your work is paid direct to you.

    • Either be or become and active member of the forum

    When applying give details of your design background and examples of your work.

    Hirer Role & Requirements

    • Must be 16 or over

    • Main role is to complete user request for out “Hire A Member” Service

    • English must be main language and have good writing skills as well as good spelling and grammar.

    • Role requires you to be active daily when doing requests

    • Minor roles include writing blogs and articles

    • Must be or become an active member of the forum

    • This is an unpaid position

    When applying give details of any past posting work such as exchanges etc and why you feel the role should be given to you.

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    Re: TheHazey

    Really great forum. Some great artists on there!

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    Re: TheHazey

    [quote name="Fenrir"]Really great forum. Some great artists on there![/quote]

    thanks don't be a stranger

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    Re: TheHazey

    We have had a busy 24 hours for TheHazey, our new improved graphics database is now online, this will make it easier for user to submit and find graphics for their forums, our database is split into 7 sections; Ranks, Avatars, Userbars, Smilies, Renders, Fonts, Icons.

    Yesterday so the release of 4 new rank sets; TheHazey set, German set, Legendora set and Nike Black set, also we released our 3rd avatar set, this set was based on the beach. We have added a few minor mods to our forums, to make it easier for users to see the latest topics. We are working on a medals system for users to earn different medals, while posting on the forum.

    In other news, we are still looking for staff, so if you want to be a part of a new unique site get your applications in. Our latest service “The Hire A Member” is really proving popular and our first customer gave us some fantastic feedback “Awesome, simply awesome. The best I've seen till date. The posts were not only upto the mark, but very much forum specific just as I had wanted”.

    The closing date for our COTM contest is this Saturday so if you are into pokemon get you design in quick, we are coming up to our 1 month anniversary and with our current post count should hit 5,000 posts before then.

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    Re: TheHazey

    Right Thehazey are a few hundred posts of 5000, to help us get there a bit quicker, I am setting a challange the person who posts the 5000th post will be given VIP status and 1 free service of their choice.

    The rules:

    All posts most follow forum rules are all times.

    The 5000th post must be made by 7:00pm GMT on Saturday 15th May for the prize to count, so that's 48 hours from now, have fun.

    Any questions to this just ask.

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    Re: TheHazey

    Yep that's right our site forum has just hit 5,000 posts in just 25 days, which is a fantastic acheivement.

    We hosted a posting contest when we past 4,600 posts, with the member who made the 5,000th post getting VIP access and one free service, the winner was SBFC who just pipped the others to the last post, all our members have posted during the last 24 hours and we managed to post an incredible 368 posts in the last 24 hours alone.

    So thanks to everyone who took part and I look forward to our next contest and hopefully will see more users joining soon.

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