Site Name: TheHazey

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Description: The Hazey is a forum graphics and services site we have been open since April the 19th 2010. We have our own graphics database, where users can download the different graphic components for their forums, such as rank sets, avatar sets, userbars and more.

We also offer three services for users to use, and can be paid for by using thehazey cash system:

• Graphic Service: Users can request custom graphics for their forums by our design team

• Mod Service: We offer a mod installation service for the phpBB software.

• Hire A Member Service: You can hire one of our members to boost your activity, post and topic count.

We sell PSD files for our most of our graphic sets via our paypal page. Also we have a blog, gallery and knowledge base section for users to read, view and gain knowledge. On our forums we have a large section to discuss forums, phpBB, websites and anything else to do with running a site, such as our mod snippets. Our users also have a chance to relax in our general discussion forums, which caters for all tastes. Registration is free so sign up to day to use our graphics and services.

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