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Thread: Top fashion designer gets 59 yrs for rape

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    Top fashion designer gets 59 yrs for rape

    He preyed on teen models

    India-born Anand Jon Alexander was sentenced to a minimum of 59 years' in jail for a string of sex crimes.

    Read full story:

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    A very abusive man, just serves him right. If you have the money why not just get some girls and pay for their sexual services.

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    Yes he hit the headlines in Indian news paper today.


  4. Why don't they just hang him till death . I don't like such people who don't respect women .

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    that's horrible. he should be executed with lethal injection.

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    That's sick Glad that most of the people like this don't even survive in prisons The only reason I love the Aryan Brotherhood gang
    |Nico Lawsons

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    just hang that guy ... let girls live with freedom in this world

    Good luck

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