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Thread: totally new banner

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    Re: totally new banner


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    Re: totally new banner

    Can you add it again to your first posts I can't add the attachment. Also PM me it in the right seize so I can add it ? Thanks mate.

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    Re: totally new banner

    i cant

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    Re: totally new banner

    O damn so shame on me I really hope your banner isn't lost.

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    Re: totally new banner

    it aint lost i just cant add it

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    Re: totally new banner

    A k. Let it be like that then if it can't be any different.

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    Re: totally new banner

    well yeah i made a no one because i wasnt happy with it

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    Re: totally new banner

    alright i decided to go with a new one and i'll up some other pics but this is the newest on that will stay the logo for now un till i get a new one


    be nice i hurried up threw it

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    Re: totally new banner

    Lol, pretty neat idea actually... pretty nice..

    I don't like the black banner, but other than that it's neat, would have to see it on your site.

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    Re: totally new banner

    there is no black banner

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