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Thread: totally new banner

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    totally new banner


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    Re: total ne banner

    Nice lol, will probably resize this to be added to your forums here. I would say the only thing if ya able is to make to and gether one word , other than that you did a good job.

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    Re: total ne banner

    yeah i noticed that when i posted it here

    had to add a little something to it

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    Re: totally new banner

    + karma looks very nice. Well made dragoth!

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    Re: totally new banner

    all i did is threw it together

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    Re: totally new banner

    But still I can't make what you make so its well made.

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    Re: totally new banner

    just took to pieces from two separate things i made and add words

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    Re: totally new banner

    Yeah I see but I don't know much about GIMP or Photoshop so forgive me for admiring every work I see lol

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    Re: totally new banner

    i wanted the black thing (to the left) on there but i was like i need something the stands out and the right thing stands out well

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    Re: totally new banner

    Indeed it draws attention can you re-seize it to 88x31 ? Then I can add it to your forum. PM it to me as posting the pic over and over will let our DB grow to fast. So is it also k I move the second one in your first post of this topc and remove the other one ?

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