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Thread: Unofficial Rock Band Forums

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    Unofficial Rock Band Forums

    Website Name: Unofficial Rock Band Forums

    site link:

    Website Description: Being one of the leading Rock Band Forums, the Unofficial Rock Band Forums is geared towards bring the passion that unites us all to everyone.

    Your name on the Board: el canadiano

    -Subway Page-

    Forum Interview

    When was the forum created?

    Answer: We opened our doors on November, 2009

    What types of video games do you discuss?

    Answer: We are a Rock Band Forum and therefore primarily discuss Rock Band. However, we minorly branch into Guitar Hero and other music games. We also have dedicated forums for other console-specific games.

    Why did you pick that particular name?

    Answer: Well, why not? We're not the official forums and we're not ScoreHero, either.

    Who are the administrators of the site?

    Answer: Currently, our only two admins are Jerlene and me. Jerlene's a fantastic admin to work with and her experience really shows especially around social networks.

    Do you have any age limits or requirements for members?

    Answer: As our primary target audience is in the United States, we decided to comply with COPPA laws and regulations. However, if you are underage, we are very lenient on who will be in through Parental approval.

    Additional Info:

    Board Started on: November, 2009

    Category: Pure Gaming Forums

    Forum Link:

    [align=center] Unofficial Rock Band Forums[/align]

    [align=center]Unofficial Rock Band forums[/align]

    [align=center]Check out the leading Unofficial Rock Band Forum. We believe that the Rock Band Platform is for everyone and we welcome all members to join not only for Rock Band, but all the features that make our forum special. Our welcoming community is just waiting for you to introduce yourself.[/align]


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    Re: Unofficial Rock Band Forums

    Fill in questions please.

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