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Thread: Upgrading your computer

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    Do you upgrade your computer? I don't and it's much harder to do so as a laptop user.

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    I last upgraded mine 4 years ago , installed a Graphics Card . For me upgrading my current PC is simple waste of money since mine is some 6 years old , so I will have to get a complete new one in a couple of months . Moreover , I am satisfied with my current config .

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    I dont its just a pain in the ass.If i had to i would but not now

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    Being a netbook user its hard to update your netbook...the only thing you can really do is install a new harddrive or upgrade ram. Ive updated my ram from a 1gb module to a 2gb module about 3-4 months ago.

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    yep im upgrading the Video and Precessor

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    Mine is about a year and a half old and fast......thought about an upgrade ...don't see advantages just yet....

    4 gigs ram and a dual core processor seem to get the job done...

    My first machine had 66 MHz processor and a 512 mg hard drive...with 14.4 dial up......

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    I am getting 2GB RAM for my PC soon . Without RAM , I don't seem to do anything .

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    I upgrade only my desktop if necessary but never upgrade my laptop. The reason is that's very trouble to upgrade my laptop and it will be better to buy a new laptop if too many upgrade are needed

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    Depends on the reason. Generally, I change once per 2 years to keep up with everything.

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