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Thread: Very big problem... how to stop it?

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    Very big problem... how to stop it?

    Hi guys.

    Basically, I've got a very big problem.

    One of my "friends" who I mainly know over the internet but have met a few time seems to have complete retards as friends.

    They find it funny to:
    a) Comment on my blog and insult me
    But, more importantly,
    b) Comment on my blog with my name and email, basically slagging off my commentators.
    c) Comment on OTHER PEOPLE's blogs with my name/email, so my gravatar shows and the comment is accepted instantly. They're insulting other bloggers.

    Now, I'm not too fussed about point 'a' as I can just delete those comments, but I can't be by my blog 24/7, and their nasty comments went around 2 hours today on my blog before I was able to login and delete.

    The real problem is point 'c'. As many of you will know, I've gone a long time commenting on people's blogs and building a reputation for myself, so if the owners of the blogs think it's me commenting, I'm going to look bad.

    How can I stop this from happening? It's starting to be more than a nuisance and my "friend" is such a suck up to his friends that he can't stop it.

    I think if I can block their IPs from MY blog, they will get bored and stop commenting (hopefully). Is there any way to do that?

    A very angry Simon.

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    It's hard simon...there is a software to blog him IP to your blog, but there is no software/perfect tips to prevent him action in making comment with your name on your blog.

    This is all you can do, i think :
    1) Make contact with your "friend", asking for a reason, and solve it personally. Make sure don't look angry because it will make him more doing something bad.
    2) Make an post on your blog and write a statement that there is a people who use your identity. Hopefully with this, people who get their blog spammed with the comment from "fake simon" will not blame you

  3. Change your gravatar email and don't let then know the new email. This may work.
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    Haha, I know who it is now - Farrhad knows them too. It's Ben and his friends, and, even though I'm not sure it's Ben actually doing it, I've got a feeling he's egging them on, and he told them about my blog in the first place.

    I think next time we meet (next few weeks probably), we'll be having a little "chat"

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    Hey Simon, I think you can block their IPs using the .htaccess file. I found a post on problogger on how to do so. Here it is -
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    I believe akira's proposition is the best one. Post a notice about what's happening so your visitors know what's going on and help spread the word.

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    I am not too sure if people would like to read such stuff on
    As it is he has had some 'update' posts. Too much stuff like this may turn readers off.

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    Yeah, I agree with Brandon.

    Anyway, I had a chat to the guy and he says that it will stop. Time will tell as to whether this is true or not, but I really hope it does. If I'm honest, I think it's just a bunch of over-hyper teenagers who are bored and need something to do. Just a shame that 'thing' is to annoy me

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    So are you still facing this problem?

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    I too am curious if the issue has stopped completely?

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