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Thread: Viking Apocalypse Predicted For Saturday February 22

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    Viking Apocalypse Predicted For Saturday February 22

    What Is Ragnarok?

    As far as the Vikings are concerned, the world will end on Saturday.

    According to Norse mythology, Ragnarok or “Doom of the Gods,” has been brewing for about 100 days. On Saturday, all the gods including Thor, Loki, Odin, Freyr and Hermóðr, will fight in an epic battle. Odin will be killed by Fenrir and the other creator gods will fall.

    “The legend of Ragnarok tells of the fall of the Norse gods and the birth of a new world, but, of course, if we wake up to the same old world on the morning of Sunday, February 23, we’ll have no regrets – our celebrations also mark Jolablot, the Viking feast to hail the coming of spring, which to many people is the annual rebirth of the world!” Danielle Daglan, director of the 30th JORVIK Viking Festival to celebrate the apocalyptic event, told the Yorkshire Post in England.

    Read it all HERE.

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    The will be a great movie for me and I especially prefer this kind of stories like gladiators and 300 movie. I love to bring back the old warriors long time ago.

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