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Thread: Vote for your favorite webmaster forum

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    49% votes goes to NB, that is really an achievement in such a small period of time.

    Congratulations to Will and his team.


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    From the look of it, most people here will vote for NB no doubt about that but the list is far from prefect. There are still webmasters forum which not there for an example or warriorsforum
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Jani View Post is not listed in there?
    Why would it be?? I'am a member of webmaster gossip, and I do not like the way I was treated at your forum. There are 3 webmaster forums that I NEVER recommend - and webmaster gossip is one of them.

    When you have someone that comes into your webmaster forum - and that member has a successful forum, blog, and youtube channel, you should not go around behind them and edit/delete their post. You dont need anyone to post in your forum jani, you can do it all by yourself. After all, if your going to delete your members post, there is no reason to have people sign up.

    If any forum should be included, it should be webcosmoforums. Now that is a friendly place to post.

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    It's not over yet people! We're in the lead, but Netbuilder's needs more votes!

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    voted for NB.. (OF COURSE)

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    Just voted!!!!

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    The latest situation:

    Votes - 81

    Percentage of voting: 38% (It has reduced from 49% when I last checked it), and NB is leading here.


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