Today we are going to add a special tool/utility to WebArtz

Being a coding forum, we always helped our members to code with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other languages. This time we are providing a very good and easy-to-use tool (specially) for those who are beginner at HTML.

We are releasing the WebArtz Online HTML Editor!

This tool allows you to write/edit your HTML and CSS codes easily and also provides a live preview your code without saving it to your PC!

There are two options available for writing/editing code, Design Mode and Code Mode. With design mode or visual editor mode, you can create/edit HTML elements in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) environment, which will show you live preview of your page (just like reply box on this forum ) With code mode, you can write/paste your code and edit it quickly and see how it will be displayed in browser by hitting the 'preview' button. With code mode, you can even add some CSS by using <style></style> tags! Inline CSS is also supported

The preview button will show you live preview of your page. You won't have to save page as .html in you computer and then open with a browser. Previewing you page will be pretty cool and easy with WebArtz online editor.

The editor has many other features and it is useful in many other ways. You may find them while using this tool :clown:

Again, we give credits of this additional feature to our members who help us a lot to develop this forum and give us a chance to enrich it by adding new features and tools like online editor.

Hope you all like this addition to WebArtz Forum. Please post your views about online editor here and let us know how you like it

Thank You


WebArtz Team