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Thread: WebArtz-The Art of Web Designing

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    WebArtz-The Art of Web Designing


    Forum Link: :

    Forum Description: WebArtz-The Art of Web Designing

    As the forum tag line suggests, the forum is all about web designing and coding. The main purpose of this forum is to provide a nice place for web design related discussion and help related to coding HTML and CSS pages.

    Basically, we help our members to code their own website templates with HTML and CSS. We give them advice related to many issues like how to write standard compliant code, how to make pages display perfectly in all browsers etc. We provide tips and tutorials that will be helpful for all members whether an absolute beginner or an advanced coder.

    In addition, like all other forums, we have a general chat and games section where you can relax, chat with your friends, tell jokes, share interesting stuff, play games and have fun.

    This is a well moderated forum and a great place to discuss about web designing and coding. If you are a noob, you can start learning coding HTML and CSS from right here and if you are an advanced coder, this is a perfect place for you to discuss about coding issues and share your creations with others. If you are not interested in web design at all, you can still have fun in this forum in general chat and games zone.


    Computer & Internet


    • [*:1qxfu08v]Administrators (2) ankillien & Sanket

    • [*:1qxfu08v]Moderators (1) Dreamlimix

    • [*:1qxfu08v]Technician (2) ze_chaofan & Black Cat XIII

    Be a part of WebArtz Forum today Registration is quick, easy and completely free. So don't just remain a guest, join the forum.


    -Subway Page-

    [spoiler][align=center]WebArtz Forum[/align]

    [align=center]WebArtz Forum[/align]

    [align=center]Description of forum or link forum: The Art of Web Designing[/align]


    Forum Interview

    1) How would you describe WebArtz?

    - As the forum tag line suggests, the forum is all about web designing and coding. The main purpose of this forum is to provide a nice place for web design related discussion and help related to coding HTML and CSS pages.

    2) Who founded WebArtz?

    -WebArtz is founded by Forumotion's support forum moderators Sanket and Ankillien.

    3) What is the main motto of WebArtz?

    - We want users to learn, its a learning place for all including us staff. We concentrate on providing tutorials for our users other than providing support.

    4) Do you have anything interesting on the forum except the content you already mentioned?

    - Yes we do have monthly contests, the prizes for these contests are amazingly coded html template pages for your website. The theme for the contests are different for different months.

    5) When was your forum founded?

    - It was founded on 7th December 2009

    6) Who is your target audience?

    - For all webmasters using html & css as their main tool to make sites. For all those who want to learn webdesigning. For graphics designers to make galleries on the forum. So its basically for all of those who want to either start or already started to make a website.

    Additional Info

    Board Started on: Date goes here

    Category: Advertisement and Promotion

    Forum Link:

    Page writen by: sanket[/spoiler]

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    Re: WebArtz Bulletin !

    Actually i like your forum alot.. but i did not join.. do you need staff?

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    Re: WebArtz Bulletin !

    Thanks. We hire staff based on the performance via any other forum or via WebArtzforum itself.

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    Re: WebArtz Bulletin !

    what requirements does you guys looks for? Am i able?

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    Re: WebArtz Bulletin !

    Well, i dont really know you.

    We generally see his html, css, javascript abilities (Thats for Technician) & his behaviour normally with members. Activity is also taken into consideration but not a must.

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    Re: WebArtz Bulletin !

    Can you help me generate the html code for this? I want it to be the same as your forum.

    the affiliate code.

    the staff list

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    Re: WebArtz Bulletin !

    Are you by any chance 50cent from Forumotion? I think i have seen your username.

    Well, about the table generated on both the pages its decided by the co-admin that the codes wont be given out. By, the way he is the one who has coded it. If you need anything similar to it, you can post on the forum. We can provide you some table formats, but not the exact ones.

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    Re: WebArtz Bulletin !

    Yeah, i am the 50Cent.. So how do i ask for it?

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    Re: WebArtz Bulletin !

    You can post on WebArtz.

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    Hiring GFX Designer's


    Hi all .

    Voting for our Graphics contest, is still going on. Vote for the best designs.

    Latest Updates:

    • [*:azgh1w11]We are hiring GFX Designers, more info can be found here

      [*:azgh1w11]We have reached 100+ members, within a short span of time.


    Our users have posted a total of 6286 messages

    We have 102 registered users

    The newest registered user is slovenka5

    [align=center]Click Here to Join WebArtz[/align]

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