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Thread: Webb Chatter

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    Webb Chatter

    Forum Name: Webb Chatter

    Forum URL:

    Forum Description: Webb Chatter is a brand new site. At WC, you can talk about anything you want. If we don't have a section on the site, just ask for it. Most request will be looked at and answered.

    We also have two places for your site link. In our links section and on our forums in the Advertise Center.

    So come by and check us out. I am also looking for a few staff.

    Thanks fords8!

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    Re: Webb Chatter

    It looks quite nice, maybe some work could be done on the logo but I quite like the template. I may join in the future.

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    Re: Webb Chatter

    Like Sbfc, work on the logo

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    Re: Webb Chatter

    Nice forum, took me a while to load though, might just be my internet though.

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    Re: Webb Chatter

    There is no logo. Just typed in the name of site and it puts it there. I need someone that does graphics.

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    Re: Webb Chatter

    The skin looks ok apart from the bright gold at the bottom. :P

    All you need to work on is the logo and your forum should run smoothly.

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    Re: Webb Chatter

    It's not loading for me. But I do remember the days when webchatter used to be a blog.

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    Re: Webb Chatter

    Loads for me but it's a bit white.

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    Re: Webb Chatter

    Can you guys/girls post times you are trying to get on the site and it isn't loading or loading slow?

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    Re: Webb Chatter

    I like the skin/theme you are using, loaded quite well for me there, hope it all goes well.

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