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Thread: Websites that you open daily?

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    Websites that you open daily?


    Here I'm providing my list :-

    1- Google
    2- My blogs that you'll find in my signature
    3- DP, NB (these days, only these 2 )
    4- Yaro's blog, John Chow's Blog, Problogger, ShoeMoney
    5- orkut
    6- Gmail

    I don't use Yahoo at all !!!( I have one account there, but checks only when I get paypal payment ) I don't know why people still visit it

    Hope, you guys will be with a completely different list than mine.

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    I use gmail,google,NB from yesterday,my blog(In my home page),Dp(but not opening from last three days ) daily!


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    Me first goes to Gmail then Dp ,nb, adsense, blogs...

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    gmail, yahoo mail, netbuilders, admin page to check out new activities, analytics, adsense, smashingmegazine,

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    I open DP, NB, Orkut, Yahoo, Gmail.

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    I open NB and hotmail.

  7. I open DP, NB, Google, my blog, facebook, gmail etc

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    NB, TWC(involved in few mod development projects) and g/hot mail.

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    Yahoo Mail,
    Digital Point Forums,
    My blogs,
    Netbuilders (now a days)


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    I use to visit everyday Google (Search, Gmail, Analytics, Adsense, Blogger), BDGateway, Yahoo!, DP, NB, Facebook, Torrent sites, Daily Star online news paper, and National Geographic websites.

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