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Thread: Welcoming your visitors

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    Welcoming your visitors

    I know, it's quite a tacky title, but it still is an important topic.

    As you may know, I often visit and while surfing through it's archives, I noticed that post. I didn't understood it at first, I continue surfing and read Mr. Rowse's post on '21 Ways to Make Your Blog or Website Sticky' (as I talked about in another thread).

    On point #6, Mr Rowse wrote:
    Sometimes when you get a spike it can even be worth writing a ‘welcome’ post. For example if I get a mention in a mainstream media publication that sends significant traffic I’ll often do a post that welcomes people but also gives them a ‘tour’ of the site (example).
    This guy's a genius. :P

    So basically, what I would do in the event I am holding a contest (or anything that might drive in a good amount of traffic) is to setup a post not only welcoming my visitors, but also inviting them to sucribe to my feed or at my e-mail updates.

    Fancy giving your opinion on this?

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    I don't think I would write a post, but I would use a plugin like Greet Box or the one you gave in the other thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon View Post
    I don't think I would write a post, but I would use a plugin like Greet Box or the one you gave in the other thread.
    I'm not sure. I think if I was expecting a massive increase in traffic (like Darren clearly was), I would consider it. After all, if a non-blogger came on my blog, they probably wouldn't have a clue what I was talking about in most the posts, so by giving them a quick intro to the blog and the niche, I think it'd be beneficial for them and they'd convert into returning traffic

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