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Thread: Well what do you say about that?

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    Well what do you say about that?

    Hey guys,

    today I have received an e-mail from an unknown sender and the content seemed rather funny and interesting. I thought I'd share it with you and hear your opinion about it

    from: jennifer awa <>
    date: Sat, Dec 5, 2009 at 1:40 PM
    subject: How are you doing?


    How are you doing?
    I hope all is well
    my name is miss jenifer i want to be your good friend
    please send me your email at my private box
    so i will give you my picture
    have a nice day
    Yours jenifer.
    No, I can't fall for that. Don't you think spam has gone far?
    If you happened to receive a similar message please share it and post what your reaction was, or what would you do if you were me?

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    I do receive such emails in my hotmail boxes. Always I would move them to the spam directory and wish this would not happen in the future.
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    I've got many mails from people 'willing to be my friend'. Mostly males though

    Yeah these mails are funny, but get also directly to the junk box
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Do you know about mail spoofers i can mail u being u :P

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    I reply something abusive so that they feel the same pain that i've felt from the time i wasted reading their mail

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    I have a good business proposal to share with you. Please let me hear from
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    Thanks and Regards,


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    so Michael the site said to send u this link | Tell them how you really feel | Free Ecards so u could see what i
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    let me know if it doesn't ok? im still so new to this i never know
    what im doing lol!
    I'm leaving that last link intact - take a look at it. It's hilarious. (100% safe.)
    But yeah, I get things like this all the time.

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    my name is miss jenifer i want to be your good friend...blah blah i will give you my picture...
    Yours jenifer.
    Dude, she's in love with you !

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    and i think its technique to collect active email list from bulk address, many time we getting links that click here etc. etc. and when we click there and got that nothing special but our mail id saved in his database and after that we have need to face spam.
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