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Thread: At what age you would like to retire?

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    At what age you would like to retire?

    I would like to retire at 50 yrs old, after that I would just earn money on the internet part-time, how about you? And what would you do after you have retired?

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    I would like to travel, party, and sleep when I retire. At what age as soon as I win the lottery.

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    So far, no mood to get retired... Wanna keep messing up with different stuff always. It can be a break for some days but typical retirement from work.. Ahh not in my case..
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    According to my website I would like to retire at 16 If you don't know where I'm talking about, see: How I retired at the age of 16!

    Although I'd like to find something, that I will keep doing. For example a lot of people working in a garage on cars do it all their life, because it's their passion and their hobby.. That's awesome IMO
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    Hmm lets say at age of 186

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellas View Post
    Hmm lets say at age of 186
    That would be a good age to retire!

    I will fully retire when they spread my ashes over the waters.
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    I don't really wanna retire, but since if I grow older in the upcoming years, my strength would determine if I still don't retire.

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    I'm looking to retire at the end of next year when I'm 42. Been growing my capital for the past 6-7 years doing extra work and investing excess capital. Interest and dividends are getting closer to what I'd need to live comfortably but need a bit more to cover inflation.

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    Probably 40, but I'm not sure I'll be able to do it.

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