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Thread: What book are you reading now?

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    i am not reading any book becaz typing to post in your thread. hehehe

    BTW i was read book approximate 6 year back and that is a story book.

    and left book reading 1 and half year back. becaz i was complete my graduation.

    now i am only like to read ebooks and web pages.
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    I am currently reading Secrets Of eBay Millionaires by Stuart Tan and Benjamin Marc Wee.

  3. Hey guys today I have finished Rich Dad Poor Dad and looking for some new book . Do anyone of you know any good book related to investments and trading ideas . Looking for best indian market based if possible .

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    Principles of Biochemistry by leginger..

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    Right now, I'm reading all the formulas of my college subject - Fluid Mechanics.

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    No time to read any book busy with NB & OW.


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    The 7 spiritual laws of success - trust me just read it!

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    I'm currently reading:
    The CSS Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks, 3rd Edition from SitePoint.

    And also Simply Javascript from SitePoint.

    Pretty good books, they're very long though
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