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Thread: What browser do your school computers use?

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    Ours use IE7 which is crap

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    Internet Explorer. I wish we used FF do.

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    I have actually managed to get Firefox at school on some computers which is good.

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    A lot of kids at my school install Google Chrome on the PCs.

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    My school comp has FF 3.6, Google Chrome, and IE8.

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    Lucky with all the schools with Chrome on it

    Currently our school has IE6 on it :/ I don't think they want to upgrade either. Guess they have never knew what Google Chrome was

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    As I follow SBFC to school (no; not stalker) I also use IE7 on most of the computers. Although; having a script which can install any alternate browser is pretty damn win.

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    We have a mix. On the Mac computers we have FireFox for the most part, and on the Windows we have either IE or FireFox. On a few i've used we also have Opera

    As far as i'm aware, none of the computers have Chrome set as default.

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    My school has Firefox, IE, and some have Opera.

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    My school uses firefox and safari. I think they are getting rid of firefox though, which is really weird, right?

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