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Thread: What comes first? Internet or Breakfast?

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    Breakfast comes first in my book, then its onto the computer.

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    Internet + Coffee. I don't have breakfast..Directly Lunch

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    I prefer to check PMs early in the morning before doing anything next.

  4. It is not permanent from last few days , so what ever I get first in first for me .

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    According to Dictionary its Breakfast.

    If I have no school then its definitely Internet. But if I have got school then its breakfast and no internet till I get back from school.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Padalda View Post
    I prefer to check PMs early in the morning before doing anything next.
    True, I like to check PM's and read emails (and answering them) before breakfast as it might be that I got something back when I finished it But it's a bad habit to use the internet before breakfast IMO though
    |Nico Lawsons

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    What a sad bunch we are - Internet first. Bad habit I want to break.

    I don't wake up very fast, so my brain starts working as I check email, etc... then when I am awake enough I make breakfast.

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    Weekdays: Breakfast. Weekends: Internets.
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    For me, breakfast of course. I can't focus online if my belly is roaring!

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    Usually i switch on my computer at 4 AM in the morning.My mom prepares breakfast at 6.30 AM...

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