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Thread: What comes first? Internet or Breakfast?

  1. What comes first? Internet or Breakfast?

    I'd like to know. Which comes first for you in the morning, internet or coffee or breakfast?

    For me, it's the internet, I have to get the laptop up and running to pull in all those emails. Then I make coffee and eat something while I'm going through emails.
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    Internet of course. Check email then go to eat

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    It was Breakfast only now after OW, it is internet


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    I don't know what to answer, when I wake up, I push the button from my pc. Than I'm going to take a breakfast and when that is done than I'm off checking my mails and doing other internet stuff
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    I directly come on PC from my bed and after that I do any other thing.

    - Digital -

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    I wake up, turn on my pc, wash my face, drink some water or pepsi max, go to my computer and log in to my user account (I'm the only one using my computer, still I have multiple user accounts. ), go to balcony and sit a while in there, go to my computer, thne I do some stuff, then I go back to my computer, and so on.

    As you can see, I have very boring life.

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    I just got done eating breakfast and the first thing I did was hop on my laptop. It's not always like that though...I was just extra hungry this morning

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digital View Post
    I directly come on PC from my bed and after that I do any other thing.

    - Digital -
    Same here . Can't have my breakfast until I don't check my afternight

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    Internet. I'll get my work done if I'm dying to get food, lol.

  10. First I need Tea before any other work . My stomach system needs tea before getting fresh to maintain pressure lol . After that I switch on my lappy or desktop as per requirement and situation .

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