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Thread: What IM Client do you use?

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    I only use MSN. However, I haven't logged into my MSN messenger for the past 4 months

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    Wow! Pidgin is nice. I've just downloaded it. May permanently switch to it soon.

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    I am using MSN and quite happy with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kovich View Post
    With a mascot like that, it has to be good. xD! Pidgin is a Linux application, right?
    Pidgin works on many different operating systems. You can see a list at:

    I agree, the mascot is awesome.
    Quote Originally Posted by DomainMagnate View Post
    just installed pidgin.. looks good so far
    It's awesome!
    Quote Originally Posted by 1901gt View Post
    Wow! Pidgin is nice. I've just downloaded it. May permanently switch to it soon.
    I permanently switched to it within a week of using it. lol

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    Yeah, another vote for Pidgin here. I know it from my Linux life, and now I've installed it in Windows too. Go Pidgin.

  6. ok I'm getting used to pidgim now. Problem is I don't know who half of my contacts are now. I used to have the history and my custom names, notes to look at if I forget and it's a pretty big list I've collected over the years heh

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    I use AdiumX. It's the Mac equivalent of Pidgin (although Pidgin has been ported to MacOSX as well).

    I use it for AIM, MSN, YIM, IRC, Jabber, Facebook, and GTalk.

    On my PC's, I use Pidgin.

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    I use AIM, YIM, MSN, Skype, GTalk but never used ICQ, I think it is dumb and I do not like it.

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    I prefer to use Yahoo messenger more and second preference to Gtalk and MSN!

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    I use skype, mostly because I like a single tool to do voice, video and IM.
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