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Thread: What IM Client do you use?

  1. What IM Client do you use?

    What IM Client do you use?

    I use trillian with MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM and IRC, but it has some bugs, or maybe these are free version restrictions, so I'm thinking of switching

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    I'm using MSN only, but looking at Trillian I might give it a try! Does it have a lot of advantages or isn't it worth downloading? (A few bugs are with every piece of software I downloaded so I'm used to it )
    |Nico Lawsons

  3. Well I've used it for years, but recently I've installed a new version on Vista, and now can't get history to be stored. Which is a major problem for me. I mean you'd usually want to have the history of your conversations..
    I've went over all the settings like a dozen times and couldn't find a way to enable it, it used to work in all my previous versions on XP

    Other clients I used before are Miranda and GaIM

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    MSN and GTalk.

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    I primarily use AIM. On occasion I use MSN. Once in a blue moon I'll be on YIM.

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    With a mascot like that, it has to be good. xD! Pidgin is a Linux application, right?

  8. just installed pidgin.. looks good so far

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    I am using MSN mostly and Aim occasionally.

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    Skype, GTalk and iChat.. but i never turn them on cuase i dont want people buggin me.

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