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Thread: What is important in your life?

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    One of the most important thing in my life is to keep myself centered on what I doing at any particular moment and feel gratitude for it.

    Family is a gift from life. They help you to feel not along in this world.

    I know that money, as you said, is very important in or lives. But at the same time, the happiness comes from within ourselves when we feel gratitude of what we already have.

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    Health. You can have all the money in the world, but without being healthy you're nothing with it

    Ofcourse the normal stuff like friends, family, girlfriends too, but health is definitely the most important one
    |Nico Lawsons

  3. The most important things in my life comes like this:

    1. family
    2. health
    3. money
    4. success
    5. peace
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    Quote Originally Posted by proweb View Post
    The most important things in my life comes like this:

    1. family
    2. health
    3. money
    4. success
    5. peace
    I like your list. what about if we reorder it?

    1- Peace within ourselves. (with peace within ourselves we may enjoy the next)

    2- Health. (most health issues start from the lack of peace of mind.)

    3- Success. (having good health, we already are successful in life, witch allows us to do so many things... including the next on the list)

    4- Money. ( money does not make a person successful, instead, successful people make a lot of money)

    5- Family. ( Your family needs you in peace, so you can bring peace to them. Your family needs you healthy, so they don't suffer your illness. Your family needs you to be successful, so they feel proud of you. Your family needs you to have money, so you can be independent and they can ask for help when they run into economics situations. So, lets make some money and then create our family).

    This reordered list is not intended to prioritize what is first or last. Instead, is a ordered list to follow up to achieve the so called "general success"

    No item on the list is more important than the other, each one plays a role in its time and space.


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    I'm not suggesting poverty is a wonderful thing, but by the same token being the wealthiest corpse at the cemetery doesnt appeal to me.

    It's easy to get caught up thinking money is more important than it really is. It's just a tool to help you have a decent ride while you're here. If you miss the stuff that makes the ride fun because you're too busy accumulating the means... time to reassess priorities. If I spend the last few bucks in my pocket buying the last meal I ever eat... I figure I'll have timed it about right.

    Gotta learn to enjoy the game, cause at the end... the king and the pawn go into the same box.

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    The most important thing in my life is the world. I try and rotate everything that I do in life around improving myself and the world around me - making things better, moving forward, growing. These are the most important things that any human being can invest his time into, and certainly these yield the greatest returns - more than any business opportunity.

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    Family and the people around me. And I try to make them happy, so that, wherever I go they will always accept me.

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    me simple family now and future .....

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    Right now? My future, my friends and family, and my own health...

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    Quote Originally Posted by happylife View Post
    Hi friends,
    I am John. I am free after completed my master.I just wants to know that what is the most important thing in your life for me its my family,my health and obviously money.Because happy life is not possible without money and health.
    Whats about you?
    Yes I agree family and good health is important.


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