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Thread: What is Love?

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    Love is Blind. I am sure it is.

  2. Love is the pure form of life and one cannot stay live without love,so love is a must part of life.

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    Love is devotion and it is in the pure form of the affectionate and i always am in favor of love.

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    This was Menard's reply at offwalk, I liked it and it's worth sharing.

    It would be a complex answer as essentially the only person who can answer the question is the one asking it.

    People have different things they consider to be love. Some banter the term about freely, while others hold onto it like a precious commodity that has to be earned by someone special.

    Desire, caring, wanting, needing, possessing, are all parts of love. Even attention is love to many. Love is essentially a fulfillment of a strong need; something which makes us feel complete by filling that need and drained should it go away.

    Love cannot be described; it can only be felt, shared, given, and hopefully received.

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    That umbrella should have been in black and white instead of red

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