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Thread: What sort of video games do you play?

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    The two genres I play the most are rhythm-based and platformer. I just beat New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Now, I'm trying to unlock as many World Nine courses as I can (I unlocked worlds 1 and 4).

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    Mostly Action/Adventure and RPG's.

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    i dont play games much anymore on my pc i use it mainly for AC , RFX and CF But when i do get some time to play on my Xbox360 for a break it would be Call of Duty MW2 or Halo 3, So i guess its Action based games i play...

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    I can play almost anything and enjoy it, as long as it isn't an FPS. I just don't see the appeal in them (and I've tried to.)

    My favourite genre is action-adventure.

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    Arcade games: Action games, and that stuff.

    And mmorpgs, rpgs, and action roleplayers.

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    RPGs/ Platform etc. I love the Pokémon games and Mario games. Mirrors Edge would definitely be one of my favourite games but I have no idea what genre that is.

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    A wide variety. I love FPS's that require strategic thinking and/or teamwork, like Team Fortress or Portal. I also love sandbox/RPG type games in which you chose your own path in a game, and get different results.

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    I like play FPS and strategy games but i will give a go at others

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    Shooting or racing.

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    I mostly play sports games and first person shooter games.

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