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Thread: What type of food you like to eat?

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    Ugali, Chicken, Nyama choma, Chapati and Potatoes. That makes me hungry..!

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    I'll eat just about anything that tastes good. I particularly enjoy things that are made with fresh ingredients. So long as it did not swim, float, or frolic in sea water - I'll eat it.
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    I prefer healthy food but due to some problems and difficulties, I eat fast food very often.

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    I love lots of spicy food which flavored with garlic and tomato source and spicy chicken deviled with garlic and tomato is my all time favorite and I am madly loved with the taste of it.

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    I like cooked food. But sometimes I like to eat raw fruits or a raw vegetables in a salad.

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    Mostly I like Japanese food. I like sushi, and noodles.

    My favorite Japanese Restaurant

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    I love eating Thai food. Since I work at home I usually make my Wednesdays and Fridays my go out and get get Thai food days.

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    I would like to eat a fruits and vegetable. But i really like to eating a chines disses. I really like it and some time i eating a pizzas. Pizzas is a really nice, i like to go with my friends so always eating a pizza.

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    I usually eat every thing. But i eat Good and healthy food. My favorite foods are:

    - Chinese
    - Italian
    - Indian
    - Thai Food
    - Russian.

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    I like to eat fast food items in restaurant and generally i like to eat Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Original Recipe Drumstick, Honey BBQ Sandwich, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw. These all fast foods are my favorite and i am enjoy every weekend by eat testy fast food. Pizza is another best fast food.

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