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Thread: What type of food you like to eat?

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    ^^^ Me too love Pizza a lot. Specially the ones filled with a lot of cheese.

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    I would like to eat anything in Non-veg.


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    I love lots of spicy food which flavored with garlic and tomato source and spicy chicken deviled with garlic and tomato is my all time favorite and I am madly loved with the taste of it.

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    I like to show off and that's the perfect ethnic dish to do just that. Bean curd is especially impressive with a little Mongolian beef atop. Egg or spring rolls are fun. I'm doing a cooking school this winter with my girls. One of them dates a chef just like me . . not text book, but hands on. Hope he can be there too. Our menu is Thai:

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    I love to take South Indian food such as dosa, chaomin and Idli sambhar.

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    I love any kind of food. There is no problem. I love food.

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    Well, I like to eat Chinese and fast food.

  8. I like Fast food and Home made food.

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