View Poll Results: What you do to keep fit?

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  • Walking

    14 63.64%
  • Jogging

    8 36.36%
  • Workout at Gym

    6 27.27%
  • Sports

    7 31.82%
  • Any other

    7 31.82%
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Thread: What you do to keep yourself fit?

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    Fixing to go run, pump the weights, leg day, then to the beach

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    I voted for Jogging, however I like to refer to it as Running

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    I like to keep fit esp because I eat a lot of junkfood and live on cappacinos lol I do aikido, run, skydive and bungy jumping also a bit of diving when I can. When I do start to put on weight, then I go to the gym, but really dont like that place.

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    I believe in Balance and I also believe this balance helps me in keeping fit. By balance I mean Balance in every aspect of life.

    I like to eat in moderation. Never too much of anything. In fact I try to keep it as simple as possible. I try to keep a balance between fruits, vegetables and meat. Then I drink a lot of water during the day.

    I also exercise daily. This includes a long fast paced walk or exercise with my Yoga DVD. This helps me keep in shape throughout the year.

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    I just got back from kayaking on the Waccamaw River and the weather and nature was amazing. It was about two hours of easy flat water paddling.

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    i have my own treadmill so i use walking but in treadmill

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeavemeAlone View Post
    i have my own treadmill so i use walking but in treadmill
    I have found a treadmill is a great place to hang my clothes.

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    I went kayaking this morning and was admiring a flock, ummm I mean a gaggle of Canadian Geese swimming in the river with their cute little babies and the mother-f***er started chasing me. I got alot of exercise trying to paddle and beat the birds off of me. I learned my lesson, don't admire geese.

  9. LOL Geese can be dangerous.. hehehe

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    i like playing every game which in turn helps to keep one fit
    swimming is great

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