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Thread: What was your first job?

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    Well my first job was teaching. i got this job when i was in college.

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    In my first job, I was working before the legal work age of 16 years old during summer in Pre-Press doing apprentice work, I was 15 1/2 year old. I was paid around 21 French Francs an hour, equivalent of $3 an hour. I had a few other similar jobs during summers.

    The worse job I had was in printing, cleaning the plates, rubber cylinders, ink tanks, and changing the paper, taking off the printed work, etc I had always my hands dirty even after washing it, and I breathe all kind of cleaning chemical products, including trichloroethylene.

    I worked my way up in this industry from pre press, pre press manager, salesman, independent commercial agent to a small graphic agency including print broker.

    I also managed 3 small web directories selling links, and an ecommerce for 8 years, so I know a few things about selling on internet.
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    My first job was working for the summer rec program it was an awesome job i reallyu learned how to be responsible and relieable and from there i used to work for solo cup then i moved for school and went to work for walmart and am still there.

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    My first Job was SEO Analyst....

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