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Thread: What was your first job?

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    What was your first job?

    First paid labor outside the house...$5/wk
    was before i was officially old enough to go apply somewhere... I got a contract shoveling out the dog pens where a neighbor kept his hunting dogs. Did it daily, and it was seriously foul. Made a whopping $5 a week. My dad thought he was overpaying me, but you could fill up a gas tank with five bucks back then. Good old 1960s economy.

    First job after getting old enough to go apply for a "real" job...$1/hr
    A summer gig at Six Flags. Food and beveridge work. It was almost as fun as shoveling dog stuff. Sucked.

    Best summer job... $1.50/hr
    Lifeguard. Sitting in the sun watching scantily clad girls. Stayed tan and in shape. Little did they know I'd gladly have done this without pay.

    Worst summer job ... $2.10/hr
    Production job at a factory making rubber parts for offshore drilling. Place was a safety nightmare in the early days before OSHA had teeth. Had several hydraulic explosions, had a bolt sheer off and whiz past my head. Had a week long cleanup where we sprayed MEK on machines to strip them clean... It wouldve taken one lit match to blow us all away. Returned to the place after taking off one joint of my index finger on a hydraulic press, then left when another press took a shot at eating my arm.

    First full time job...
    Worked my way thru school as a meat cutter. Started as an apprentice, worked up to journeyman cutter before getting outta college. Started before the days of "boxed beef"... The meat still came hanging as fore and hind quarters back then and had to be broken down. Hard work, but paid well and learned skills that last a lifetime. Also learned I really hate being bloodsoaked and cold.


    What was your first job? Worst job? Best job (etc). Not talking about getting an allowance for household chores (though i doubt most kids do any chores now anyway). Talking about getting out of the home and trying to make money of your own.

    NOTE: No quick answers for post count please. This is just a way of learning a little about what others backgrounds include, not a race.
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    Wow, you had some hard jobs Rob.

    I was entrepreneurial from an early age (around 9 years old) selling weeds from a stall outside my home. Well, some weeds have pretty blooms. I think that I made one sale to a little old lady.

    As a teenager, I started a window-cleaning round, but didn't realize that existing window cleaners jealously guard their turf. So I got threatened with a knife in one area but blagged my way out saying that I had only been canvassing for work even though I had done some work. And then I heard that another guy was looking out for me so decided to quit.

    I did farm work - baling hay, where I was the human fork lift, loading the truck with the hay bales, then piling them up in the barn. This was hard work in heat and dust, but I did get to fool around with the farmer's daughter up in the hay loft

    Then I was a gardener at a pub. Probably the worst job since I could tidy the garden in no time and get bored. Plus I didn't have any interest in gardening or knowledge about flowers. But I did get my first taste of real ale, which was amazing after my previous experience of cheap canned beer that my dad used to buy.

    I don't remember what I was paid for these jobs, minimum wage I guess?

    After graduation I got my first full time job in the electronics industry where I had a good career for about 18 years. I changed company many times because I tend to get bored after 6-12 months with the same firm. So if I went back to that I would definitely become a contract worker.

    Now I'm building up a language teaching business, and doing my online stuff.

    I don't put up with jobs that I dislike, so I've only endured bad working environments for short periods as I formulated an exit plan.

    3 times in my career, I felt abandoned, with no direction, so it was painful to endure 8 hours of tedium in the office cubicle, and put up with the commute to the place of tedium. But mostly, I had a good time at work.

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    lol one of my first jobs was also cleaning dog crap.

    it was for a security dog company, they had about 40 german shepherds and 2 rottweiler.

    there were 2 per pen and my job was to let them out for a good run while i cleaned out their pens, daily.

    i always smelled like dog poop when i got home but im a huge animal lover so i didnt mind the job.

    i remember there were 2 puppies in training that were allowed to be out at all times and it was sooo difficult to get anything done cause they would literally clamp on to my ankles and i had to drag them around lol.

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    Was not my first job, but I got paid to play Whist ( a card game).
    Seems like all the gi's on the air force base would play whist for money.
    And I was so good at it, I was paid to play.

    But earlier I was a paperboy, mowed lawns, blah blah blah.
    And by mowing lawns, it was with the push mowers.

    First real job out of high school, while going to business school, was as a merchandiser for a company.
    I did the displays, etc. in a department store.
    Learned a lot about retail that helped me through life.

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    My first paying job was picking blueberries on a farm down the street when I was 13. I rode my bike to the far and my grandma got me this job as she new the farmer from way back.

    I got fired after 5 days on the job or eating half of my stash I picked for the farm owner. I love blue berries and didn't know I couldn't eat a few and put a few in the bucket everyday. I got an attitude with the owner after I was fired and my grandma was upset at me for a few week's.

    Turned 15 and got a real job all the way through highschool. Worked at a italian resteraunt. Did the dish's, prepped food for the cooks and did a little waitering if someone needed a man to cover there shift if they took off work. I hated being a waiter, you bend over backwards for the customer making sure everything goes good and they freaking stiff you on the tip. I so wanted to punch them in the face but I wasn't allowed to do that and I got paid well.

    Got $8 an hour under the table working there. Worked right after school till closing. Got free food and good food indeed when I was on my dinner break.

    After highschool, I went to computer school and got my career job at the age of 19 and still there. I didn't work to many jobs as a kid. I don't count doing landscaping for my parents as a job even though they pay me for doing this right now. It's not much but covers gas and pack of smokes. I need more coffee.

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    Lol @ Snake on the blueberry firing. My job at Six Flags went down about the same way, except the little hobbit that fired me to prove what a big guy he was happened to be trying to hit on my older sister at the time... And didnt realize i was her little brother. He sorta shot himself in the foot.

    Other thoughts:
    Note to self.... Don't get into card game for money with Iowadog.
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    I will not do well If i get in a card game with him.

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    I'm fair at cards online, with gusts of "good - excellent"... and have dominated in tourneys with over 1300 players on good days.

    In person... people would gladly quit high-paying jobs to play cards with me. Online and face-to-face are very different games.
    -- Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup. --

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    First paid labor:

    Delivering newspapers. Not sure about hourly wage, but dollar an hour rings true.

    First job:

    Washing dishes. I lasted only for 4 hours, so it doesn't count.

    "Real first job":

    Taco Bell for 4 months.
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    My first job is into online marketing as a link builder. My job description requires building quality links to the website that I've working on.

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