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Thread: What is your town famous for?

  1. Look up "James Byrd. Jr" and that is what the town I live in is famous for.

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    Well , my town is famous for buffalo milk.

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    My town is famous for fort. history, cement and marble productions.

    it is chittorgarh.
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    My 'town' is famous for overpriced goods. And we still need to pay the government each time we drive or ride a bike to the city.

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    My town is famous I suppose for being voted top small town in New Zealand but in all reality it is very boring here and its more built for old people. My towns name is Waikanae by the way.

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    Its famous for Electricity productions !

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    Called 'City of opportunities'


    'City that never sleeps'


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    Montreal Jazz Festival

    Just For Laugh GIGS

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    Heartbeat City

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    My town is famous for its Culture and Heritage.

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