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Thread: What is your town famous for?

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    What is your town famous for?

    I grew up in a small town in Michigan famous for the sound the sand makes. It makes a squeaking sound when you walk on it and apparently sand elsewhere doesn't squeak. The sand is known as "singing sand." Really the area in general is known for that, not just the town. The town itself is a really big tourist destination and is also known for really good cheeseburgers. Patrick Swayze has a condo there. Oprah has a mansion in a surrounding town. My brother served the Chicago Bulls team at a restaurant in this town. Louis Farrakhan has his home here. Robert Ebert has a summer home here as well as Dennis Farina and Mayor Daley of Chicago.

    What is your town famous for?

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    Well I grew up in the capital of Mauritius, that is Port Louis, and I can say that I am very happy living there. You can find all the facilities you want there: hotels, theaters, restaurants, hairdresser... Mauritius is an ideal destination for tourists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeoAdmin View Post
    My town is probably famous for Fred Dibna (steeplejack)

    most people probably have not heard of him but people from the Uk will have.
    Are you from Bolton, Lancashire? I'd like to say I guessed it, but I actually Googled it! (Watch me still be wrong!)

    Can you guess the town I'm from?

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    Well .I live in Shanghai,China.that is known for Oriental Pearl is the world's third tallest TV and radio tower.

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    A woman?

    My home town philippines! the first thing that came into my mind when i saw this thread was about ladies.

    hehe. yes it's true asians women are cool.

    hmm. here we have alot of tourists attractions, like in boracay. a famous beach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeoAdmin View Post
    yes im from Bolton

    and with the wonders of Google i will go for you are from

    Lake Michigan in Berrien County, Michigan
    Yup, I'm from New Buffalo, Michigan which is right on the shore of Lake Michigan in Berrien County. You did a really good job. I didn't think I'd given enough clues for someone to easily figure it out. How long did you search for?

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    well i am from Kanpur(India) and it is famous for IIT (Indian Institute of technology) it's famous worldwide and is the best for IIT all over India.

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    The place where I live is near Sahara Desert and fuel is like 5$/60 Litres. But where I really am from, is from Croatia, they have awesome and cool beaches, mostly rocky beaches. Well I go their every year.

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    I live it kolkata,it ia famous for cricket ,Rosogolla,Misty,and Gunguly the Indian captain also our town is famous for the Banglai

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    The mountain, Table Mountain

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