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Thread: Whats Your Current Mood ?

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    Well I am happy, not sad or so, a little bit boring not really into something very much at this time. So I wasted some time watching a serie the last 2 hours.

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    it is very hard to explain my mood... ummm I am scared, emotional, worried and everything else... all at the same time... I am soscared of the course so yea thats about it... I have had this for the past week LOL! oh well... I will live

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    if you saw me now, maybe you'd raise your eyebrow. my mood changed as I switched between tabs and windows.

    on one window, I feel just fine. on another window, I'm very excited that I can't help get crazy, screaming and smiling and laughing and all. *fangirl mode on* and at the other window, I become very serious, in fact a bit upset and angry, with something.

    I'm so sorry about my lack of sanity at the moment. XD

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    Determined. I'm really trying to make it to the finals in the summer Brawl tourney.

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    Im happy right now!

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    I am not feeling very well atm. Woke up with pain in my upper body. Urrrghhh

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    Pain everywhere, but still loving the life I'm having
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Normal..... :P
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