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Thread: When do you get angry?

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    When do you get angry?

    So, whats the thing which makes you angry?

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    When i experience the things which i don't like then i get angry!

  3. there is no reason for my angry

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    What makes me angry, interesting question. Well it may sound strange but I get angry on people who are very close to me. I know it's not good, sometime I ignore very big issues and often very little things make me lose my temper.

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    When someone doesn't believe me if I'm right about a situation, so if somebody thinks I'm lying.

    And if things just don't work, I mostly learn from mistakes but as soon as things start to cost hours of time, and it won't work I'm getting pretty angry

    But I have a drum so I can become less-angry in 35 seconds
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Thankfully, not as often I used to be . I seldom get angry. Nowadays, it’s very situational. I’m angered when I hear lies, when some people emit out their hatred toward others, and when people disregard personal boundaries . I get really angry to see the injustices going on around the world to the innocent men, women, children, or plants and animals by the oppressors .

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    When the house is a mess... That drives me nuts. I'm a bit of a clean freak. Like things neat, organized and CLEAN.... Getting kids to follow that philosophy is not so easy!
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    when others dont understand my situtation -- i really get angry,

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    People posting in all lowercase makes me want to kill someone.

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    when my mom scolds me for a silly reason .
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