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Thread: Where do you get your seo news from?

  1. Where do you get your seo news from?

    Where do you get your seo and webmaster related news from?

    I used to like, for those who remember but it ceased to exist a year ago, since then I can't find a good one site replacement. Reading blogs and feeds is too time consuming if you only want the main news

  2. Threadwatch is dead? Wow... it died in June of 2007 and I never noticed. That's how well I keep up with the news!

    The current "single source" for SEO news seems to be Sphinn, but I don't keep up with that either.
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    I don't have time do anything.

    IT gets fucking crazy once you have loads of shit to do.

    Sphinn is a good resource, you can use Google Blog Search otherwise and filter according to the freshness of the posts.

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    Mashable is also good for general web-related news.

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