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Thread: Where do you spend your holidays?

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    Cool Where do you spend your holidays?

    Hi Guys

    I am interested to know where you spend your holidays?

    As for me I usually go out to party with my friends at their places or go to the beach.

    What about you guys?

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    Wink Yeah!

    alright! i also want to party! though most of the time i spend my holidays in my room. doing work and earning online. i'm happy with that, then at least i go out overnight hanging out on bars.

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    We usually end up having some sort of party. Our friends have a huge party every year called the Trifecta. It's basically three people who all have their birthdays really close together so we have one really large party.

    For vacation, though, we usually end up going up to Canada to Toronto. Is it's a short vacation, we usually take a day trip to Chicago.

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    Well, i usually spend my holidays with my family, it usually is a planned vacation on a resort, amusement parks, or lots more that we can think of.

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    I'm flying over to Poland from the US and spending my holidays there this summer
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    I go with my friends in an adventure and start traveling until the middle of august, that's my best days of the year.

  7. I usually spend my holidays in my country India itself. I visit the hill stations in India. I also visit Kerala once in a year. Kerala is such a wonderful place to visit.

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    PARTY. Im back from uni so im working fulltime at the moment to earn some money for when i go back
    But when i get the chance i go out in town with mates or to partys, or festivals, love it. I might also be going Newquay this August with uni mates

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    I'm not muck of a sea person so I prefer that mountains. Lots of lovely mountain ranges out here in South Africa

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    i spend my holidays with family & relatives, i love to visit touring spots & movie's.

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