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Thread: Where does your username come from?

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    Re: Where does your username come from?

    Mine comes from an event that happened 6 months back, a friend of mine opened a forum, together we build it up, had over 500 members in 2 months etc, then on a whim he closed it down! I couldn't help thinking he had made a huge MISTAKE! So when I opened my site ...the name was born :tup:

    I normally go under the name Mrs-G (which is what I use now on MadDogz)

    This name was given to me by other members over on Mininova, my husband was Gaz and whenever they talked about me I would be Mrs-Gaz, hence the name Mrs-G, it's just stuck like glue for the last 4 years.

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    Re: Where does your username come from?

    [quote name="Lawson"]Just incase your favourite player from Aston Villa was number 22.[/quote]

    That's the 1st team reserve goalkeeper. Brad Guzan. :P

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    Re: Where does your username come from?

    Mine is my first name.

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    Re: Where does your username come from?

    Why I believe it comes from my name x3

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    It's a type of whale.

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    Mine was picked for me by a lord of the rings fan a while back so I just use this now as it is very easy to remember

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    I'm a mad pro with a shotgun.

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    Meh, I just thought it up one day.

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    One day, I was registering at a forum. The name I wanted was taken. There was a recommended username box at the bottom of the screen. x-treme was one of them, so that's why my name is x-treme.

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    My user name comes from randomness. I always thought names with V and X in it sound pretty cool, so I made up Volux!

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