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Thread: Where does your username come from?

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    No, it is not from the TV Series "House. M.D." before people ask.

    I live in a House, so..

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    My username come from the word "dark"

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    Mine is from My favorite Character in HP series and he is the bravest man in that story : Professor Severus Snape

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    Seeing as Metroids Suck things.. That sounded so wrong

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    My username is Donkey, which comes from the fact it was my nickname when I was younger as I ate practically anything

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    Actually, Coppa is really my middle name.

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    My name is Justin, and I used to own an ATV (2005 Arctic Cat 650 V2)..

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    I got my user name from my driver's license.....

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    Honestly, I got it from a good friend. They helped me get into the internet thing, aand I've been using mostly the same username ever since.

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    I'm a Chaotic person, where else would it come from?

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