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Thread: Where are you working / studying ?

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    Apr 2009
    In the middle of NoWhere ;)
    I’ve already completed my degree on B.Sc. in CSc. Right now I’ve a full time job, working in an IT company. I also look after our family business, that is, a Printing Press .

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    I am a screenprinter and embroider and I am going to college for digital arts.

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    Martinique, FWI
    I'm in highschool
    Wha I do ? We can say I do business but I don't earn a lot of money yet. Since October 2008 (when I've started), I have reinvested all money earned as a "game". But, today, I'm more serious and I do some freelancing (PHP, WordPress) and I own websites.

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    In my Home
    I am a freelance writer and working in my home.

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    i am doing my degree course in Electronices and communications. Well, i am freelancer

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    I'm currently in Civil Engineering. I'll be advancing towards the roller coaster science area and make some good designs hopefully if not, I'll play with transportation networks and such
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