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Thread: Who is the powerful person in Decade?

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    How about Eric Schmidt Just a thought...
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  2. My vote also goes for Alan Greenspan, because as chairman of the FED he is greatly responsible if not the most responsible for the current economical crisis.

    He was able to foresee what was coming and continued to print millions and millions of dollar to sustain the unhealthy credit system of the American society.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sami4u View Post

    I will half to pick this person in the US Alan Greenspan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    If I was to be asked what group was most powerful in the world.

    I would pick this group Trilateral Commission - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Awaiting for comments on my choices.


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    I will say the Bilderberg Group and Paris Club

    Bilderberg Group - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Paris Club
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