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Thread: Who Will Win The World Cup ?

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    So we got Spain vs Holland! I personally go all the way for Holland. Spain has never won the world cup, Holland has but a very long time ago.

    who do you think will win the world cup ?

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    I have to support the country I live in... they might chuck me out if i dont.... So GO SPAIN!

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    I'm for Spain!

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    Who has WON the world cup?

    Spain! has I am pleased for them! Its a shame UK didnt win or Begium

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    SPAAAIIIIIN ! I've been going for them since group stages and of my four original picks (USA, France, England, & Spain), only Spain made it to the finals. After 13 or 14 yellow cards and 1 red card, Spain finally makes a goal in extra time. (: They certainly broke the record for most cards awarded in a game and most yellow cards.

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    Well, spain won. A lot of calls, match was brutal, lots of yellow cards, once again the ref decided who won.

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    Yeah Spain won, I still wish Holland won though. They deserve it more, sins its the 3d time they get this close to win the world cup and again the failed.

    but will done Spain.

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    haha, congrats to Spain. well done. I expected Germany and Brazil to be on final, but yeah. nevertheless, Spain did a great work there, they deserve it. ^^

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