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Thread: Who is your comic hero?

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    Thumbs up Who is your comic hero?

    My comic hero is BatMan, I think the BatMobile is so cool he he he

  2. My hero is Ben10 . Actually I don't watch cartoon too much but I have ben10 game in my psp .

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    ben 10 and tintin

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    Quote Originally Posted by RightMan View Post
    As a child, I was greatly impressed by the heroism of Superman!


    I also liked Superman... seems like... SuperMan = RightMan.

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    As a child, I was impressed by the Superman!

    But now I some times watch Ben10 with my kids.

  8. I always liked Iron Man and Thor.

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    when i was child i dont have cable connection so i was happy with indian Powerman "Shanktiman" oh common guys how you can forgot. if you are from india

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    I always liked Superman, no special reasons for that.

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