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Thread: Who is your favorite Actor and Why?

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    My favorite Movie actor is Tom Hanks, because i love the movie Forest Gump

  2. My lovely actor is Tom cruise and I love him face cut and dressing style.

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    I do not really have a favorite actor but since i watch the Pirates of Carribean, I really really like Johny Deep. why...please watching Pirates of Carribean, and you will know.

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    Will Smith - he is such an inspiration.

    For rugged good looks I would like to emulate Daniel Craig (Bond Actor):

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  5. matt damon

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    My favorite actor is leonardo d caprio...he is so cute...

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    My favorite Actors are:

    - Shahrukh khan - Great Acting
    - Salman Khan - Good look and acting
    - Akshy Kumar - Good action and Acting
    - Hritik roshan - Good dancer and acting.

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    I really like to watching movies so much. And my best actor is Samuel L Jackson. Samuel L Jackson is a really nice actor of all time. He doing best for every movies. His doing lot's of movies and my favorite movies is XXX. This is really nice action movie and they doing best work in this movie.

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    I really like to watching movies so much and my most favorite actor are :-

    1. Johnny Depp
    2. Morgan Freeman
    3. Robert Downey Jr.
    4. Brendan Fraser
    5. Bruce Willis.

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    Salman khan
    Amar khan
    Tomb cruse

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