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Thread: Who is your ideal person?

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    Who is your ideal person?

    My ideal is my mother. She help me and teach me. She says that talent, hard work and luck are three important part in our life. I really thankful to my mother. I love you MOM.

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    My Ideal personality is Prophet Muhammad PBUH, He is at #1 in book by Hart "THE 100" this book discuss top 100 most influential personalities
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    My mother motivates me to go on with life, Will inspires me, my dad only tells negative points which makes a nice summary of how things are.

    Will inspires me to create things, my father tells me I'm doing things wrong while my mom meanwhile keeps motivating me to move on
    |Nico Lawsons

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    My mother, always there for me
    love ya

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    What a good topic Jammy? My mother also supporting me. She give me useful advice in many times. When i was some trouble then my mother show the right way. I love you MOM

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    My idea person is Warren Buffet.He is just amazing and management King and No words can describe his character.

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    My ideal person is my teacher. A teacher learn everything to need in a life.

  8. My dad is my idol person and i want to be like him and i supposed to be one day.

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    My ideal is Bill gates because of his struggle full life and success as a richest man.

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    My Dad is my ideal person and i think that i can get all the maximum help which i need to be a good person in the society.

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